A sombre meeting.

More than a thousand words into Chapter 10. It is an important chapter to the story and deserves a lot of attention. It also marks the official end of my motivation crisis which beset me. It took me about one hour to write the thousand words which I estimate to be about a third of […]

Christ Church, Boston

Chapter 10 is going to introduce the antagonist of the plot. Without giving away too much, you may think of it as a kind of brotherhood or association united by a common goal. A goal so lofty that, in the minds of the brotherhood’s members, it justifies every possible means to attain it. The chapter […]

So that’s what a motivation low feels like.

Yes, it’s true. I am suffering a serious slump in my motivation. All I did last week was giving Chapter 9 a once-over and streamlining it a bit. That’s not much to show for an entire week, really. And it’s not because I don’t know how to continue with the next Chapter. Because I do. […]

What a productive weekend!

I was alone this weekend, no distractions and no excuses. So I hunkered down and worked on the book a solid 4 hours Saturday and 5 on Sunday. Because of the soccer world championship I had to interrupt for the final match. A man gotta do what a man gotta do. I decided that some […]

Chapter 7 – Unicorns are just horny ponies.

I am happy to report that Chapter 7 is finished! I wrote the last of its 4512 words just a minute ago. Phew! It features Liz who is at her lab when she is seized by a frightful Pi-Effect. Still in doubt whether we are seeing the effects of an overactive imagination or something more […]

…or so I thought.

My last post comes under the title “Chapter 6 is finished!” I should have known better than to use such a proclamation prematurely. I say this because as I was reading the chapter to find the right pick-up for the next one, I realized that the characters had conspired against me behind my back. They […]

Chapter 6 is finished!

Today was a good day. When a scene forms in my imagination and I can see it before my eyes, writing comes easy and thousand words pass in no time at all. I am happy to report that today was such a day. You might remember that Raoul suspects a new kind of designer drug […]