Yes, finally! Let me explain… I haven’t been sincere to you, my esteemed reader. In fact, I am guilty of posturing and make-belief. Do you know what a Potemkin village is? OK, then google it. My fledgling novel is one. Or at least it was one until yesterday. I am now on Chapter 11 and […]

Pushing for Chapter 11

Sitting in a coffee shop watching people walk by while trying to avoid the searing sun, slanting stiletto rays onto the pavement. Church bells ring. People start to stream out from the cool sacral interior, squinting when they are greeted by the profane world outside. Wasps trying to dodge my irritated waving above the slice […]

Chapter 10 is finished.

Yesterday I sat down and vowed not to get up before Chapter 10 isn’t finished. And that’s exactly what I did. I already had half of it written and wanted so was pretty sure that I could manage it. It turned out to be about 3200 words, which brings the word count up to just […]

A sombre meeting.

More than a thousand words into Chapter 10. It is an important chapter to the story and deserves a lot of attention. It also marks the official end of my motivation crisis which beset me. It took me about one hour to write the thousand words which I estimate to be about a third of […]

Christ Church, Boston

Chapter 10 is going to introduce the antagonist of the plot. Without giving away too much, you may think of it as a kind of brotherhood or association united by a common goal. A goal so lofty that, in the minds of the brotherhood’s members, it justifies every possible means to attain it. The chapter […]

So that’s what a motivation low feels like.

Yes, it’s true. I am suffering a serious slump in my motivation. All I did last week was giving Chapter 9 a once-over and streamlining it a bit. That’s not much to show for an entire week, really. And it’s not because I don’t know how to continue with the next Chapter. Because I do. […]

What a productive weekend!

I was alone this weekend, no distractions and no excuses. So I hunkered down and worked on the book a solid 4 hours Saturday and 5 on Sunday. Because of the soccer world championship I had to interrupt for the final match. A man gotta do what a man gotta do. I decided that some […]