Funny T-shirt quotes

One of my protagonsists in the novel is Grayson Louderman. He is a genius and borderline autistic, with social skills bordering on negligible. One of his distinguishing features is that he likes to wear T-shirts with funny quotes on them, mostly with a scientific or math content.

In an effort to collect some of those for eventual use in the book, I thought it might be fun to share them here. I’d be curious which ones you like best. Also, by all means, please, contribute yours!! Just leave a comment. Some of those I find really funny and I might need to come up with other ways to use them in the book.

  1. Insane? I prefer the term mentally hilarious
  2. There are 10 kinds of people:
    those who know binary code and those who don’t.
  3. Everyone tells me to follow my dreams – so I went back to bed.
  4. Mordor Fun Run.
  5. Whatever happened to Pavlov’s cat?
  6. Dear Math. I’m not a therapist. Solve your own problems.
  7. Go take a hike, it’s really nice outside.
  8. I ate some pi.JPG
  9. Please be quiet, I am sciencing.
  10. I can’t adult today.
  11. I can’t brain today, I have the dumb.
  12. Physics rules but biology really grows on you.
  13. To quote Hamlet, Act 3, Scene 2, Line 87: “No!”
  14. Home is where the Wifi connects automatically.
  15. Hakuna ma-freaking-tata!!
  16. Everything is easier said than done. 
    Except for talking….that’s about the same.
  17. Come to the nerd side, we have pi!
  18. Adult-ish
  19. I may be crazy, but at least I have each other.
  20. Angular momentum, it makes the world go round.
  21. Absolute zero is the coolest.
  22. There is a fine line between numerator and denominator.
  23. Unicorns are just horny ponies.
  24. Tesla is my homeboy.
  25. Instant human: just add coffee.
  26. I am not crazy. My mother had me tested.
  27. Auto correct can go to hell.
  28. I put the “fun” in dysfunctional.
  29. I have not yet begun to procrastinate.
  30. If life gives you melons you may be dyslexic.
  31. Geek is the new sexy.
  32. Contents: 1 Human (may contain nuts)
  33. I didn’t claw my way up the food chain to eat vegetables.
  34. Tomorrow is the today of the future.
  35. Today has been cancelled.



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