About me

160830_Kurz_274.JPGHi there, glad you could stop by.

My name is Chris Kurz, I am Autrian and I currently live in Austria, near Vienna. I got my PhD in Nuclear Engineering from M.I.T., Massachusetts, and later fooled around with anti-matter plasmas at UCSD, San Diego. With a couple of friends I founded an educational company, the Cambridge Physics Outlet, Inc. which we later sold and did a bunch of  less memorable stuff. After about 10 exciting years in the U.S. I returned to Austria.

During the day I manage innovations in the area of renewable energy to earn my keeps. But when the night sets, I also work as a homeopathic researcher and practitioner. That’s also the area in which I published my first book.

Teaching is a great passion of mine and I volunteer my time to train high-school teachers in physics.

I can’t tell you what possessed me to start another book project, this time a thriller in the area of near-future scifi. Well, I can tell you, but I’ll save that for the regular blog pages.

Apart from that, I am the current speed world record holder for gyroplanes and was the first person to cross North America from Boston to San Diego in an open cockpit ultralight gyroplane back in 2009. It was quite a bit more basic than the one you see in the picture below.

Here is an animated slide show of that adventure. The narration is in German but the images are international. I may get around to adding sub-titles if I receive enough public pressure to do so.