A long time and several chapters later…

I am red faced and ashamed but I have shamefully neglected you, dear reader and trusted follower of this blog. I just checked, and my last post was in November last year when I was holding at Chapter 19. A month and a half have gone by without so much as a peep.

You were probably thinking, “This guy is dead. That’s it: a straw fire in the beginning and once that fizzles out — nothing. This project has gone by the wayside. Too bad, I kind of liked the idea of the mysterious number pi being at the center of a thriller.”

First and foremost: I am not dead. I would know if I were dead and I can assure you that I am alive and kicking, as they say.

And, furthermore, nothing has fizzled and the story is continuing. There are currently 22 chapters written and the 23rd is about to flow out of my pen. My word count has gone up to past 65 thousand! In pages that would be about 280 paper back pages already in the pocket! If you think that I would let this project fizzle then think again!

In fact, I have to continue writing because now I want to find out how it is going to end! There’s been one attempted murder on the main character and Grayson is going to get into deep shit in the following chapter. This is the beginning of the third Act, where it all culminates.

Because of the pi effect, four major US cities are on the brink of becoming lunatic asylums. Public order hangs by a thin thread and it is high time that our heroes get their act together and finally figure it all out. I sure hope they get there in time.

But, of course, you are correct when you complain. You say, “Why didn’t you keep us abreast of all that’s happening? Why did you put us at risk of losing faith in you? We have come THAT close at writing this whole project off!”

And there really isn’t much I could  say to my defense. Of course, the recent holidays have been rife with family life and nary a minute to push forward, let alone keep the blog up to date.

But I promise to better myself. I will at least tell you once a week about what’s going on in the writing department. I’ll let you participate in the progress I make. I will tell you a bit more about my alter-life as a writer. And I hope you will reward me with your comments, reads, follows and visits.

See you later!


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