55,000 Words And Counting

I am slowly ascending the ladder, rung by rung, and am holding at Chapter 19 at the moment with Chapter 20 in the makes. More important than chapters, however, is the word count among writers.

“You’re holding at how many words at the moment?” is a frequently heard question. Well, I count my words as well as anyone. If you wake me at two in the morning, I will, without hesitation, announce that I am holding at 55,490 words. In paperback format that amounts to about 220 pages. A typical paperback novel has between 70,000 and 90,000 words. So I am between 62% and 79% done.

Of course, the novel is only finished when the bad guys are caught and the world a safe place again. And I know as well as you do that this isn’t a matter of word count. But the fact remains that I am closer to being finished than to having started.

In terms of plot development, I am well on the way of having all the ducks lined up for the climax and finale. If you ask me, the plot is pretty tight and has a compelling drive. Things are about to happen which will really put our heroes to the test. And I have some devious ideas that will make it not too easy for them!

In terms of chapter planning, I foresee about 28 chapters in total. Maybe 30, hard to tell. So I am about two thirds done. Extrapolating, that would mean about 83.000 words, putting me smack in the middle of the green zone. But here I go counting words again….


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