Chapter 17 the calm before the storm.

In Chapter 17 we meet Grayson’s grandma, a rather unusual lady if you get to know her a bit better. He and his grandma are united by a strong bond, forged through tragic losses and a tough life. He trusts her so much that he hands her an envelope which will play a role later on in the plot.

I wrote this chapter pretty much in one sitting. My test readers gave me a general thumbs up except for a couple of weak spots and some descriptive intensity lacking in the middle. When describing something, it is always good to involve more than one sense.  In general, I tend to rely too much on the visual cues of a scene. There are many more ways to add depths to a description. As my father was want to tell me: looks isn’t everything, my son.

It took me an hour to go over the chapter again and add more sensory context. Sometimes a couple of words or maybe a sentence. That’s all. And it was so much better afterwards. Amazing!


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