Chapters 15 and 16 are done! — The confessional.

Sometimes I manage to amaze myself. The past week was such an occasion. I wrote Chapter 15, which was a really long one with important information and plot development: Grayson manages to implant his code into the Schroedinger quantum computer. In the process we get a tour of the facility and a glimpse of Schroedinger itself, the fastest and most powerful computer ever built by human hands.

It was a difficult chapter for me to write. I got the bulk of it down pretty fast but it had a weak beginning and a weak ending. So I tried a new beginning, which was even worse than the original one. Finally, third time was the charm and I was happy. The ending went better. It took me only a single re-write to make it work.

In Chapter 16 we meet up with Professor Sussman who is the master mind who played a pivotal role in the conception of Schroedinger. We learn of his moral dilemma and his decision, which has far reaching consequences. I had a stroke of genius to make the central location for this chapter a confessional inside a Roman catholic chapel. Worked amazingly well. A strong location, lots of emotions.

In terms of writing experience, this one was done in one sitting, in about 2 hours of solid writing. Hardly had to go back and change anything. And my alpha tester was immediately happy with it. Sometimes it just works.

But really, what I should be doing in terms of adding to the blog, is to add a page about Heisenberg’s uncertainty relationship. I’ve been meaning to do this for several weeks now. Every time I am about to start on it, I began to add to the book. And, of course, that takes precedence. Because, after all, you know, that’s what it’s all about, really: writing the book and take you along on the journey from beginning to finish.

Don’t worry, though, I will add the background information pretty soon.


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