Life intervened, but didn’t stop me from finishing Chapter 14.

You haven’t seen a post in more than a month on here. And I feel bad about it. I really do. It’s just that life threw some curve balls at me and I just didn’t have the emotional stamina to sit down and write.

But thanks to some very supportive people around me who either lent me their shoulder or kept nagging about the book not getting finished on time, I sat down and continued. The result is Chapter 14, which I am really proud of.

Chapter 14 is nearing the point at which the good forces join rank and declare war against the evil forces. The evil has been growing insidiously but now it has reached a point at which Liz and Raoul have started to connect the dots and realized that they are not random occurrences but all part of a larger scheme.

The bad guys, however, are fighting back. Liz and Raoul are starting to feel some backlash and opposition to their actions.

In a theater play, this would be Act II, first scene.

I am really happy with how things are turning out and am pressing on with Chapter 15.


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