Chapter 13 is in the box.

I don’t know whether Friday the 13th is good or bad luck — it depends on whom you ask, actually.

Dan Brown, in his novel The Davinci Code argues that Friday 13 is a black day because Pope Philip IV had all the Knights Templar arrested and beheaded on 13 October 1307, wiping out the entire order in one black day. And this happened to be a Friday.

Hmmm, historic sources claim that although it is true that some Templars were arrested on that date, there were many more who weren’t and, what’s more important, nobody thought it an unlucky day after this date.

Another source claims that it wasn’t until 1907 that bad luck was associated with Friday 13. In this particular year a novel was published called Friday, the Thirteenth by Nathaniel Lachenmeyer. In it, Mr. Lachenmeyer argues that 13, before the 20th century, had been an unlucky number, and Friday had been an unlucky day . Hence he put the two together to create a twice unlucky date: Friday 13.

If you ask me, the second explanation sounds bland and boring, even though it is probably historically more correct than the first version.

Be that as it may, I just wanted to let you know that the bewitched Chapter 13 is in the box! Actually, I wrote Chapter 13 twice. The first time in one sitting, beginning to end — and it was horrible. Couldn’t stand it when I read it the next morning. So, heroically I renamed it (because I was afraid of deleting it) and started over again. And, as the old saying goes, twice is the charm, it was good.

So what’s happening in it? Two things, mainly. The first one is that the concept of “free will” is introduced because it becomes important to the plot a little bit later. And the second one is that the evil forces are tightening their net around our heroes, Raoul and Liz.

I have been putting off posting some background information on (a) free will, a hotly debated topic in psychology as well as philosophy and (b) on Heisenberg’s uncertainty relationship, a mind-twisting concept of quantum physics.

More to come, stay tuned!


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