Chapter 12 and the network of the evil

Finished Chapter 12 the day before yesterday but since we had house guests over the weekend I didn’t get to post before now.

To make a good story one needs the good guys, the bad guys and a conflict. The good guys are pretty well defined in the persons of Liz, Raoul and Grayson. What I need to do now is give their antagonist, their opposing force, a shape and direction. And that’s what I have been doing now.

In Chapter 12 we learn of a connection between the Voice and the CEO of Quantum Computer Unlimited. We also get a sense of how Prof. Sussman, a leading scientist on quantum computers, fits into the scheme and what makes him tick.

The cozy time for our trio is coming to an end. Life is going to get pretty uncomfortable from here on in.

Stay tuned for more!

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