Yes, finally! Let me explain…

I haven’t been sincere to you, my esteemed reader. In fact, I am guilty of posturing and make-belief. Do you know what a Potemkin village is?

OK, then google it.

My fledgling novel is one. Or at least it was one until yesterday.

I am now on Chapter 11 and things were going reasonably nicely. The characters cooperated, they did the right things, and the plot evolved. There was only one big problem which I have kept from all of you: I didn’t have the final ending. The plot line extended up to but not including the ultimate climax and its resolution. It was missing which, in a concert, would be the final chord in which all instruments join and which fills the heart of everyone in the audience. Which leaves a lasting impression, that they will take home, which they might even hum the next morning in the shower.

I didn’t dare come clean on this, so I had to live with this terrible secret up until yesterday.

Yesterday I had one of those great conversations I call plotting sessions and together, after a nice lunch, the solution emerged. Ingeniously, naturally, beautifully. It is the perfect climax and resolution. A climax after which you would ordinarily want to enjoy a cigarette except it isn’t post-coital but rather literary.

I am so happy!

I’m sure you’ll agree once you read it for yourself.


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