Chapter 10 is finished.

Yesterday I sat down and vowed not to get up before Chapter 10 isn’t finished. And that’s exactly what I did. I already had half of it written and wanted so was pretty sure that I could manage it. It turned out to be about 3200 words, which brings the word count up to just over 30,000.

In Chapter 10 I introduce the antagonist, the bad guys, in the form of the Church of One. As you probably surmised if you have been following my blog, the setting is Old North Church in Boston. And it is a pretty sombre meeting there which takes up most of the chapter. I also mention the word “pi” for the first time. This is the starting point from which the background and motivation to the entire plot slowly begins to reveal itself to the reader.

Next, we will hop over to Grayson and watch him doing some important stuff of which he doesn’t yet realize the importance. But that’s pretty much how it always is in life, isn’t it?


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