What a productive weekend!

I was alone this weekend, no distractions and no excuses. So I hunkered down and worked on the book a solid 4 hours Saturday and 5 on Sunday. Because of the soccer world championship I had to interrupt for the final match. A man gotta do what a man gotta do.

I decided that some time was needed to develop the relationship between Liz and Raoul as well as provide background on both. I also wanted to bring in Liz’s brother, Luke, as a side character. He will come in handy later in the plot. I have his work already cut out for him.

In Chapter 9, we are at the beginning of a side plot, pitting Liz against Lenowsky, her thesis advisor. Lenowsky is a real stuck-up bitch who attempts to steal Liz’s research and pass it off as her own. With the help of Dexter, the campus security guard, Liz breaks into Lenowsky’s office and eventually sends off the article under her own name. This will have unforeseen consequences later on….

I wish I could spend more time writing like this, but tomorrow is Monday which will leave me no time at all to write. In order to fill the time I am plotting in my head whenever I have a minute: under the shower, driving, before falling asleep… I am about 3 chapters ahead in my mind.

On Saturday I got some valuable feedback from a writing group in Vienna, which I attended. Despite feeling unprepared and bashful I decided to read a couple of pages of the first chapter. Surprisingly, it didn’t get torn up. Instead, I received encouraging feedback and some good suggestions how to improve it some more. I’ll be there next time they meet as well.

Alright, its just shy of 11 pm and I’m going to call it a day. Good night to all of you faithful readers. Exciting and inspirational dreams! Live long and prosper. Over and out.


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