Chapter 7 – Unicorns are just horny ponies.

I am happy to report that Chapter 7 is finished! I wrote the last of its 4512 words just a minute ago. Phew!

It features Liz who is at her lab when she is seized by a frightful Pi-Effect. Still in doubt whether we are seeing the effects of an overactive imagination or something more sinister, the evidence starts to accumulate in favor of the more sinister, of course.

In addition, Liz discovers that Prof. Lenowsky, her thesis supervisor, has stolen her scientific work and intends to publish it under her own name, without giving credit to Liz. This, of course, infuriates Liz and she starts scheming for revenge. But before coming up with a suitable plan, a mail from Raoul reaches her in which he invites her to lunch.

However, the day isn’t over yet! Knowing Liz, I am sure she will come up with something unexpected and original to pay back Lenowsky. Stay tuned for Chapter 8.

Oh, in case you’re wondering about the strange title of this post referring to unicorns: this is the idiosyncratic quote on Liz’s T-shirt du jour.



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