The plot thickens

We have a full set of heroes: Liz, the abrasive neuro-science grad student, Raoul, the rogue Catholic priest-to-be, and Grayson, the autistic physics genius. They become separately aware of disturbing effects that manifest themselves in the way how different strands of time begin to influence each other. Alternate realities rear their heads and life for millions of people starts to spiral out of control.

But apart from fighting against steep odds, there are other things going on in parallel with the main plot. We have a tight mesh of plots instead of a single strand. To weave a convincing and tightly connected mesh is hard work. There is no shortage of ideas but each idea needs to pass a series of critical questions: is it believable, does it contribute to a multi-dimensional, engaging plot, and is it consistent?

To keep track of what happens where and when, I have started a timeline spreadsheet. And high time it was! I discovered several problems with causality in my previous plot outline. I also needed to take into account how longs thing usually take and place them accordingly.

Another challenge is telling a story which happens at several places simultaneously. Since you can only read one word at a time, it takes some special story telling techniques to overcome this limitation.

Then the plot needs to be structured into manageable chapters. Alternating between different plot locations in a way which aids the reader without being confusing.

So you see, I’ve been quite busy. But with that accomplished, I am back to working on Chapter 6. I can promise you already: the plot thickens and the adrenalin level is bound to rise.


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