Finished Chapter 5: Schrödinger

Grayson has now become established in the story. With him, our team is complete with Liz, Raoul and Grayson. I used this chapter also to introduce Quantum Computing Unlimited (QCU), a fictional company which owns the most advanced quantum computer, affectionately termed Schroedinger.

I left the reader intentionally in the dark as to which role Grayson plays. At this point, we only know that he is (a) a loner, nerd and physics genius, (b) works at QCU and (c) uses his job to pursue his own covert purposes. Grayson’s part of the plot will become clearer later on, of course.

Last post featured an excerpt of the beginning of Chapter 5. Even though I have since re-written it, it still gives you a pretty good idea of who Grayson is. Even though that post also featured a picture of Erwin Schrödinger, it didn’t really explain who Schrödinger was. I want to rectify that omission now.

Erwin Schrödinger was an Austrian physicist of the previous century who helped formulate quantum physics as we know it. You know that you’ve achieved something significant if you get an equation named after you. For his formulation of the Schroedinger equation and the introduction of the wave function ψ, he got himself featured on the face of the one-thousand Schilling bill before Austria adopted the Euro.

In the general public and popular science circles, Erwin Schrödinger is better known for a famous paradox he used to highlight one of the more arcane features of quantum mechanics. It is known as “Schrödinger’s Cat”. If you want a nice, concise explanation, click here to watch an 8 minute video.


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