Choose your bad.

I have reached a junction in the plot. So far, I’ve postponed the answer to this question but now I need to face it. What I’m talking about is the nature of the antagonistic element, the bad guys, so to speak. Who are they and what drives them. I have two options between which I have a hard time deciding.

  1. The bad guys are motivated by money. There is a huge sum at stake, so they have decided not to fret over some innocent people of have to die. Think of a big corporation with a real evil CEO who doesn’t give a damn about the lives of innocent people who have to die in the wake of his pursuit of even more money.
  2. In the second scenario the motivation isn’t money but ultimate power. Picture a secret society, a brotherhood, who goes over dead bodies to get hold of that kind of power.

So what would you like to read about? Money or power? Big business or secret conspiracy?

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One thought on “Choose your bad.

  1. Love the idea of ultimate power. In my eyes a way more ‘powerful’ motive than money which is simply a materialistic driver. Secret society sounds awesome!


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