Writing, to me, is to a large degree how I imagine deep sea diving. I spend long stretches under water, not communicating with anybody, immersed in a colorful but oddly different world which I interact with and observe at the same time. Although I love spending time under water, once in a while I need to come up for air and do a bit of show and tell. Share with other people what I saw and did, listening to their stories and look at their treasured finds. Without that, I would feel very lonely. I need to know that there is someone waiting for me at the surface who is also eager to hear my story.

So I reached out to find some other writers in my geographic area. First thing I did was to drag my net through the www and see what its meshes would dredge up to the surface. Among the first things I found was a global writing community called NaNoWriMo who also have a chapter in Austria. I got in touch with them, joined their WhatsApp group and started sniffing around. Mind you, I haven’t met anyone yet, only listened in on their conversations and dropping a remark myself from time to time. They seemed like a nice mixed bunch of guys and gals. They use their own little acronyms, have secret names for their gathering places and generally behave like any group of free roaming NaNoWriMo’s would be expected to behave.

As much as I like the virtuality of the new way to communicate, I thrive on personal interaction. And the NaNoWriMo’s actually do meet in person from time to time. Tomorrow might be a good time for a first sighting. I will take a shower, dress my best and try to mingle with them. Let’s see how it turns out.

If I don’t post back by tomorrow evening, you will know that something went badly awry. They probably kidnapped me and hold me captive in a dank, dark whole at some godforsaken place. Please, by all means, come look for me!!!!!!!


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