To re-write or not to re-write…

Well, I am at the close of the third chapter, the fourth, actually, if you count the prologue. To be absolutely accurate, I am holding at 13,197 words. Plot-wise I would put myself at the 2nd Scene of the first Act, which is about the end of the beginning, maybe 15-20% of the book, in my estimate. I re-read it all and I need to:

  • tighten it up, eliminate filler words and phrases,
  • use fewer adjectives, true to the old adage “Show, not tell”,
  • make sure the narrative remains true to narration style and doesn’t lapse,
  • use more paragraphs to improve readability.

I also found that some honest critique from someone knowledgeable in the field of writing is essential because there are two big dangers for me: I either hate or love what I wrote, vacillating freely between the two extremes with little ground in the middle. When I am in the “God-I-am-awful” state I need to work on staying motivated. And the other extreme, where I simply am enamored with every phrase and syllable I blessed the pages with, isn’t very helpful either. I tend to become impervious to critique.

I have learned that writing about the process of writing and sharing it with others really helps me stay on the goal. Seeing that some people actually take an interest fuels my motivation and sustains me on my journey.

At this point, therefore, a big Thank You to everyone who donated some of his or her time to my project by reading this blog.

To make it easier on me, I will not actually delete what I edit but keep a track record of everything. A kind of “before” and “after” the operation. On one of your next visits you can expect a sample of before and after and judge for yourself if it was a step in the right direction.


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