The Chinese tattoo

After the bar fight, Raoul and Liz are aimlessly strolling through the streets. At first it’s a bit difficult for them to start a conversation but then the ice breaks. Here is a snippet from their conversation. It will make more sense if you have already read the post about the bar fight.

Raoul addressing Liz:

“You know, you could have probably avoided the fight if you had just got up and left instead of giving wise-ass retorts. By the way, I saw you show the guy your neck, after which he got real agitated. What was that about?”

They were just passing through the orange light cone of an overhead lamp. Liz stopped, tilted her head to the left and pushed the collar of her jacket aside. “Here, see for yourself.” Raoul examined the right side of her neck, about two inches above her collarbone.

“The tattoo? You showed him that Chinese letter you have tattooed on your neck? What’s the meaning of it? Some kind of good luck and happiness charm?” Now it was Liz’s turn to laugh.

“When I decided to get the tattoo, I wanted it to say ‘Fuck off!’ in Chinese, so I googled it, got a hit and showed the result to the guy at the tattoo parlor. He really did a good job, by the way, don’t you think? Anyway, a couple of month later, I was riding the subway, when a group of Chinese tourists entered and crowded around me. I got a little self-conscious when they started to shoot me furtive glances, snickering and whispering among themselves. So I just asked the guy next to me what they were so amused about. He got embarrassed and didn’t want to talk to me at all, just shook his head and looked away. I kept pressuring him but he was only shaking his head vigorously. Right when I was about to get off the train he leaned close to me and whispered in my ear, ‘I am leally solly, tattoo says Fuck Me!’ So the morale of the story is that apparently you can’t trust Google and the internet in important matters. I thought about having it removed but then decided against it. You know, unless I am talking to someone from China I can make it mean whatever the fuck I want.” Raoul burst out in laughter and Liz couldn’t help but crack a smile herself.

“So you’re walking around with ‘Fuck me’ tattooed to your neck? That’s hilarious. I guess you won’t be moving to China any time soon.”

“Guess not.”



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