Onwards with Chapter 3

I am back from a brief trip to Berlin to speak at a conference, which kept me from putting the proverbial pen to paper. I’ve been to Berlin several times and am still fascinated by it. Associating freely — lively, green, innovative are adjectives which come to mind. This time I spent some relaxing moments wandering aimlessly along the meandering paths around Lietzensee and having a quick lunch at the café at the waterfront, right in the heart of the city.


While moseying among sun bathers, joggers and mothers pushing strollers with sleeping babies, I played out the rest of Chapter 3 in my head. Several times I almost collided with an innocent on-comer for being deeply lost in thoughts.

Liz has just rescued Raoul from the bar after Raoul had rescued Liz from a belligerent drunk. They’re going to walk together for a while, talking and getting to know each other better. Combining their observations they will also start to notice something peculiar for the first time.

9:45 pm, about two hours of writing and 800 solid words later. I think I did well. As happens so often, the characters took me by the hand and led me along. I did my best to steer them in the general direction I wanted to go, and they seemed cooperative. They managed to escape the police and though Liz did her very best to lose Raoul, he was tenacious enough not to give up and managed to get a couple of words out of her. He told her what happened in the bar from his point of view, which reminded Liz about what she saw in the neuro-probe data recording of her lab-dog Leila.

The ice is broken, the stage is set, I know what I have to do tomorrow!


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