Quick update

You may not have noticed but there is now a new menu available on the top menu bar:


Scroll up to the top of the page and check it out, I dare you! 🙂

“And how is the story progressing?” you ask.

Well, Raoul is kind of reluctant to advance further in the story. I tried to get him to do something unexpected or meet Liz earlier but he flatout refused. All I could do was coax him into a bar near Boston University where I left him. That’s also the end of Chapter 2, since it was already getting on in length. Chapter 3 will take it up with Liz again, at her lab, mulling over the first occurances where the pi-effect reared its head. She doesn’t know it yet but she is on to something really big and hot. She’ll be leaving the lab and head for the bar where I left Raoul sitting. So they are going to meet in Chapter 3.

Meanwhile seemingly unconnected incidents find their way into the media. But it is still too early for anyone to realize how they are connected. Except, maybe, for prepared minds like Liz’s and Raoul’s. Interesting perspective, let’s see how it pans out in writing. That’s for Chapter 4.

There’s a long weekend coming up and I want to get Chapter 3 done by Monday. Unfortunately the weather is forecast to be nice. But what is a bit of blue sky and sun to a mature character with ample self-discipline? Yeah, I know, it’s going to be tough….


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