Still with Raoul.

I left off with Raoul exiting the office where he councils his clients. Today, I managed to put in a fair amount of time and advanced the plot to the point where he has a flashback to a traumatizing situation in his childhood as he is taking the subway back into town.

To be able to describe the setting more realistically, I fired up Google Earth and searched for Forest Hill, Boston. I got into street view and was able to walk up and down Amory street, examine the station building and its surroundings. The only problem was that Google Earth showed a summer view whereas in the story it is in winter. But that’s OK, I can abstract and use my imagination.

Next, Raoul is taking the subway, completely lost in thought. I had the announcement on the train jolt him out of his daydream. So I went online and looked for the sound file of a typical Boston MBTA announcement and found just what I was looking for. Long live the internet! It makes research so much easier.

Raoul is a student enrolled in Harvard Divinity School, so next order of business is to get some insight into what life at HDS is like. I sent an email to their communications department and hope somebody will get in touch with me. Ideally, I would like to skype with an HDS student. Let’s see if this is going to pan out.

One problem I have is that my posts are, by nature, very text based. I have been trying to come up with ideas to include pictures. The problem is that I don’t want to use just any off the wall image. It needs to speak to the story. If you happen to have an idea, please share it with me, I am at a loss.


2 thoughts on “Still with Raoul.

    1. Yes, we need to meet at the “other”coast next time. I think you’ll find it quite interesting. Maybe even love it in its own right, one never knows. 🤔


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