Re-discovered Facebook

In trying to catch up with friends from long ago, I re-discovered Facebook. It’s been years that I actually did something there which would count as an activity. First thing I changed my profile picture. Only minutes later, I got some likes and started to link up with people I have no excuse to have neglected for so long. Yes, I posted a plug about my blog and the novel on Facebook. After all, it’s supposed to be a sharing platform. But one thing led to another, a like here, a comment there, and two hours later I still haven’t put a word to paper.

Let that be my excuse to keep this blog post short: I am going to use the time right now and make a good start on Chapter 2. It’s about Raoul. And Liz. And their first meeting which, if I have any say in this (and I flatter myself that I do) is going to be a catastrophe.

Wish me luck!


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