Raoul Mariscal

After the long weekend of Whitsunday, today didn’t leave much time for writing at all. I have laid out Chapter 2 in my mind so that I expect the writing to progress relatively smoothly. It is devoted mostly to the introduction of my second protagonist, Raoul Mariscal.

Raoul is originally from Ecuador and has emigrated to the US when he was 16, along with his family. He comes from a pretty unsettled background, his family is rather poor and was forced to leave Ecuador to escape the violence of drug lords waging war in their area. His father, however, was killed right before Raoul’s eyes in a shooting shortly before they were going to leave their home for their escape to the U.S. He now lives with his mother and his younger sister in a cheap neighborhood in Boston.

Raoul is highly intelligent but in a different way from Liz. While Liz has a scientific mind, Raoul’s is philosophical . He always looks for the deeper meaning, the bigger picture and the underlying truth in everything. To him, all things are connected. And if they seem unrelated, it’s just because he hasn’t found their connection yet.

Raoul is 27 and looks like a Latin Lover advertising model taken from an aftershave commercial: just over 6 feet, with finely cut features on the canvas of an olive skin, the dark stubble of a perfectly groomed 3-day-beard and brown, soulful eyes. His best part, however, is his voice. It was his voice that Liz is most fascinated by: deep, enveloping and hard to overhear whether he be whispering or yelling. The problem is that Raoul is attending divinity school and studying to become a Roman Catholic priest. He plans to return to Ecuador to help his people. The concept of celibacy is something Raoul has accepted for the higher good. So far, he has been pretty successful in avoiding contact with women. When he meets Liz, there’s is ample potential for chemistry and fireworks. We’ll see how this is going to turn out, I am as curious as anyone.

His biggest weakness is his quick temper. Deep down, there is the anger which goes back to the moment his father was killed. From that time on he had been the man of the house and responsible for caring for his mother and his sister. A responsibility, that isn’t easy to bear for any teenager.

Raoul spends a lot of his time counseling poor and homeless people who trust him as someone who knows what it is like to be poor, underprivileged and fighting to survive. His network among this stratum of society may become important to the plot at a later stage.




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