The elevator pitch, continued.

Yesterday, as I suspected, it was too late for me to do anything useful except go right to bed when I got home. So now I am sitting propped up in bed with my laptop in my, well, lap and working on the “three floor” extended elevator pitch.

Essentially, it’s got to be not more than three sentences. It ought to tell you what the book is about and give you an idea of the central conflict. Right. Easy as pie! So what do y’all think of this:

Something seems to be messing with people’s minds to the point of threatening mass hysteria as Liz, a graduate student at Boston University, gets a first glimpse at what seems to be happening. With the help of two friends, they discover an irrational effect, rooted deeply inside quantum mechanics and the depth of the number pi itself, capable of changing the flow of time so that the connection between the future and the past becomes ever more tenuous. Someone else is apparently trying to exploit this effect for its own selfish purposes, and it becomes a race against time and a fight against a powerful enemy to stop the process and, literally, save the world.

Ok, I’m going to leave it at that for the moment. Now that I have something down, I can let go of it and get on with the writing. I can always change it later, if I want to.

Great, so now I can get up and get ready for the day. This Saturday is going to be quite packed with activity and won’t let me any time to write. It’s good to have accomplished at least small item and be able to tick it off my list.

Next, I need to continue with the characterization of Liz. I left her in the second chapter, right at a point where the action has abated somewhat and the reader has the time to read more about Liz’s character. You’ll see.


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