Where am I so far?

The cat’s in my lap and I have a couple of minutes before I have to head out, so I thought I’d let everyone know what has happened so far.

I need to structure the task of writing a novel and put some ideas on paper. Even if just to throw them out later. So started on a 3-sentence summary of what the Pi-Effect is about. As I tell people about the project, I expect at least some of them want to know what it is about. And with the average attention span of the disinterested stretching about as long as an elevator ride, I have started on an elevator pitch. I have a one sentence version; like if you only were riding the elevator one floor up. It goes like this:

As seemingly unrelated disturbing events are mounting, a group of unlikely people discovers an irrational effect rooted deeply inside mathematics and science that threatens to destroy the very concept of time and causality.

But for someone going all the way to the top floor, I want to expand on this a bit more. Maybe three sentences.

I’ll see what I can get done tonight. Probably not much, since I am going to meet some friends at 7 pm. We’ll see. Tomorrow is Saturday and I have some time in the morning.

See you then!


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