Everyone gotta start somewhere

If you came here to follow along on my journey to writing the novel “The Pi-Effect” you are spot on! The goal is to have the manuscript finished by 31 December 2018, in just over seven months. I have a small head start with writing as I already wrote a brief plot and character outline as well as the first two chapters, totaling about 3.000 words.

Even though this isn’t my first book I am writing, it is my first piece of fiction. You can check out my first book here, and if you follow the link, you will appreciate that The Pi-Effect is something completely different.

You see, being a nuclear physicist, math and the arcane nature of quantum physics are very close to my heart. With the idea to this novel, I found a way to link the two in, what I consider, a novel and exciting way. I’ve got the idea: check. I am motivated: check! I’ve started to let other people know about this, so failure is not an option: check.

A beginning is made, the first step taken and the eye firmly fixed upon the goal. What the heck could possible go wrong?

Let’s start!

P.S.: More about me on the About page, Facebook and LinkedIn.


7 thoughts on “Everyone gotta start somewhere

    1. Welcome to my neck of the woods and thanks for leaving a note! The more posts like this I get, the harder it will be for me to throw in the towel.


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