55,000 Words And Counting

I am slowly ascending the ladder, rung by rung, and am holding at Chapter 19 at the moment with Chapter 20 in the makes. More important than chapters, however, is the word count among writers. “You’re holding at how many words at the moment?” is a frequently heard question. Well, I count my words as […]

Chapter 17 the calm before the storm.

In Chapter 17 we meet Grayson’s grandma, a rather unusual lady if you get to know her a bit better. He and his grandma are united by a strong bond, forged through tragic losses and a tough life. He trusts her so much that he hands her an envelope which will play a role later […]

Chapter 13 is in the box.

I don’t know whether Friday the 13th is good or bad luck — it depends on whom you ask, actually. Dan Brown, in his novel The Davinci Code argues that Friday 13 is a black day because Pope Philip IV had all the Knights Templar arrested and beheaded on 13 October 1307, wiping out the […]

Chapter 12 and the network of the evil

Finished Chapter 12 the day before yesterday but since we had house guests over the weekend I didn’t get to post before now. To make a good story one needs the good guys, the bad guys and a conflict. The good guys are pretty well defined in the persons of Liz, Raoul and Grayson. What […]

Chapter 11 is done.

I updated the chapter structure and timeline of The Pi-Effect, building upon yesterday’s results. So far I estimate 21 chapters in total, eleven of them finished. I gave Chapter 10 a partial re-work, establishing Prof. Leonid Sussman as the mastermind behind the scientific development of the new generation of quantum computers. This will become important […]