How I write.

When I sit down to write it is usually one chapter per session. Sometimes it’s not quite a chapter but once started, I’ll finish it the next day or the day after that. It’s anywhere between 1500 and 5000 words long, which translates to between 6 and 20 print pages of a classical paperback format. […]

55,000 Words And Counting

I am slowly ascending the ladder, rung by rung, and am holding at Chapter 19 at the moment with Chapter 20 in the makes. More important than chapters, however, is the word count among writers. “You’re holding at how many words at the moment?” is a frequently heard question. Well, I count my words as […]

Chapter 17 the calm before the storm.

In Chapter 17 we meet Grayson’s grandma, a rather unusual lady if you get to know her a bit better. He and his grandma are united by a strong bond, forged through tragic losses and a tough life. He trusts her so much that he hands her an envelope which will play a role later […]